Dried Whole Tart Cherries – 25Lb

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“Snow Farms” Whole Tart Cherries, a great snack time favourite.

Available in 25Lb bulk packaging.

Weight 11340 g
Dimensions 37 x 24 x 21 cm

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With their vibrant, deep red colour and tart but sweet taste,dried cherries make for a colourful and flavourful addition to your diet. They are great in hot or cold cereal. A most welcome companion in any muffin, fruit loaf, scone, waffles, pancakes or cookies. Great between meal snack or as a colourful and flavourful ingredient in your most  favourite vegetable or fruit salad.

Snow Farms Dried Tart Cherries are prepared from sound, ripened Montmorency Cherries (Prunus cerasus.) which has been de-stemmed, pitted and frozen during harvest.  Subsequently they are  infused with sugar, dried to a specified moisture range and lightly sprayed with sunflower oil before packaging in to bulk or retail packs.


“Snow Farms” Dried Tart Cherries are available in 120g retail packs or 25Lb bulk cartons.