Who are we?

Tropical Link Canada Ltd. is a company engaged in imports and exports of all-natural food products.

We are based in Burnaby in beautiful British Colombia Canada.

Our two flagship brands are WILD TUSKER and SNOW FARMS.

Wild Tusker

WILD TUSKER is a well reputed brand in North America and mainly sold across CANADA and some parts of US through an extensive network of distributors and online portals.

Under this brand we mainly focus on organic and all-natural plant-based foods and sourced from many facilities operated in Sri Lanka, Europe, and other Asian countries.

Snow Farms

SNOW FARMS brand is mainly for Canadian origin plant based Agri products and comes in many retail and bulk sizes.

Our products are exported to many markets overseas as well as in Canada. We supply both retail and food ingredients under both brands which is sold through distribution connections or direct clientele contacts.

We work with multiethnic staff based in Canada and overseas.

We have been supplying high quality natural food products in most ethical and environment friendly manner for well over a decade while taking customer satisfaction as our key guide in measuring success.

We always pride in what we do and constantly improve to do it with greater care and responsibility. Once you try our products you certainly will admire us and be a valuable customer and a wonderful friend of ours.