Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Our Snow Farms ® Chocolate covered Blueberries are available in Milk or Dark. It is available in sizes 45g/24 packs and 25lb bulk.

Our Chocolate is filled with locally grown blueberries and is processed in BC., Canada. This product is Kosher certified with no colours or flavours added.

Milk 45g Package

This product is perfect for snacking. Unlike other chocolate covered blueberries in the market, we use real blueberries inside the chocolate. This product is fun for kids as well as adults. Perfect size to carry in lunch boxes or bags.

Dark 45g package

This product is best for those who loves dark chocolate. It has a bitterness to the chocolate balancing out the sweetness. Dark Chocolate is perfect for adults who likes to snack on Chocolates.

Bulk 5kg

Both Dark and Milk chocolate covered blueberries are also available in bulk sizes for those who need large quantites.

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate