Cinnamon Powder

(Cinamomum zeylanicum powder)

Wild Tusker ™ Organic Ceylon Cinnamon is available in 20g/12, 200g/12, and 10kg bulk.

Our cinnamon powder is the ground true cinnamon quills. Unlike cassia (commonly available cinnamon in the market) Ceylon Cinnamon which is also known as Cinamomum zeylanicumdoes not contain “Coumarin.”

This product can be shelf stored for up to 24 months.

20g package

This size is perfect for single use households or infrequent users. It is also perfect to try out our product. This product can be used in drinks such as coffee and tea.

200g package

This 200g size is perfect for family use. This product can be used in baked goods and other foods for extra spices such as curries.

10kg package

This size is good for commercial use. Can be used in bakeries, restaurants, or facilities who incorporates cinnamon in their products.