Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Wild Tusker Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available in 200ml/12, 500ml/12, and 1000ml/6 in glass jars.

Our Coconut oil is made from organically grown fresh coconuts that are cold pressed and unrefined and Kosher certified. Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids that help with maintain healthy skin.

It lasts for up to 24 months.

200ml Jar

This size is promoted as a Beauty product. It is an ideal size to keep in your bathroom as your daily moisturizer for your skin or as a conditioning treatment for your hair.

500ml Jar

This size is perfect for single users who infrequently use coconut oil at home. It can be used in cooking or baking in replacement of regular oil. Coconut Oil is a safe cooking oil for high heat.

1000ml Jar

This size is perfect for frequent users who often use coconut oil in cooking and baking. Coconut Oil can be used in high heat.

20 Litres

This size is perfect for commercial usage. Coconut Oil is safe for high oil or deep fat frying.